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AbstractSuiteDashboard - Class in
Generic dashboard for Argeo Suite applications
AbstractSuiteDashboard() - Constructor for class
ActiveFeature - Class in org.argeo.suite.e4
ActiveFeature() - Constructor for class org.argeo.suite.e4.ActiveFeature
addEntryPoints(Application) - Method in class org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.ArgeoOfficeRapE4App
addEntryPoints(Application) - Method in class org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.settings.ArgeoRapApp
AppDeployer - Class in org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.settings
AppDeployer() - Constructor for class org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.settings.AppDeployer
AppsPart - Class in org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.settings
Overview of the active and activable Apps.
AppsPart() - Constructor for class org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.settings.AppsPart
ArgeoOfficeRapE4App - Class in org.argeo.suite.e4.rap
Argeo Office RAP application.
ArgeoOfficeRapE4App() - Constructor for class org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.ArgeoOfficeRapE4App
ArgeoRapApp - Class in org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.settings
Argeo RAP app.
ArgeoRapApp(Bundle, CmsTheme) - Constructor for class org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.settings.ArgeoRapApp
ArgeoSuiteLoginLifecycle - Class in org.argeo.suite.e4.rap
ArgeoSuiteLoginLifecycle() - Constructor for class org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.ArgeoSuiteLoginLifecycle


createGadgetBodyCmp(Composite) - Method in class
createGadgetCmp(Composite, int, int) - Method in class
createGadgetTitleCmp(Composite, String) - Method in class
createListPart(Composite, ILabelProvider) - Method in class
createOpenEntityEditorLink(AppWorkbenchService, Composite, String, Node) - Method in class
createPartControl(Composite) - Method in class
Implementing classes must call super in order to create the correct form toolkit
createPartControl(Composite) - Method in class
createPartControl(Composite) - Method in class
createUi(Composite) - Method in class org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.settings.AppsPart


DefaultDashboardEditor - Class in
Argeo Suite Default Dashboard
DefaultDashboardEditor() - Constructor for class
deleted(String) - Method in class org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.settings.AppDeployer
deploy(Bundle) - Method in class org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.settings.AppDeployer
destroy() - Method in class org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.settings.AppDeployer
dispose() - Method in class
dispose() - Method in class


EntitySingleColumnLabelProvider - Class in
Provide a single column label provider for entity lists.
EntitySingleColumnLabelProvider(ResourcesService, ActivitiesService, PeopleService, SystemWorkbenchService) - Constructor for class
evaluate() - Method in class org.argeo.suite.e4.ActiveFeature


findBundle(String, Dictionary<String, ?>) - Method in class org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.settings.AppDeployer
forceRefresh(Object) - Method in class
forceRefresh(Object) - Method in class


getFormToolkit() - Method in class
getImage(Object) - Method in class
Overwrite this method to provide project specific images
getName() - Method in class org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.settings.AppDeployer
getResourcesService() - Method in class
getSession() - Method in class
getSystemAppService() - Method in class
getSystemWorkbenchService() - Method in class
getText(Object) - Method in class


init() - Method in class
init(BundleContext, Map<String, String>) - Method in class org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.settings.AppDeployer


org.argeo.suite.e4 - package org.argeo.suite.e4 - package
org.argeo.suite.e4.rap - package org.argeo.suite.e4.rap
org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.settings - package org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.settings


QuickSearchView - Class in
A table with a quick search field.
QuickSearchView() - Constructor for class


RapMainShellAddon - Class in org.argeo.suite.e4.rap
RapMainShellAddon() - Constructor for class org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.RapMainShellAddon
refreshFilteredList() - Method in class


setFocus() - Method in class
setFocus() - Method in class
startupComplete() - Method in class org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.ArgeoSuiteLoginLifecycle
stateChanged() - Method in class org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.ArgeoSuiteLoginLifecycle
SuiteMsg - Enum in org.argeo.suite.e4


updated(String, Dictionary<String, ?>) - Method in class org.argeo.suite.e4.rap.settings.AppDeployer


valueOf(String) - Static method in enum org.argeo.suite.e4.SuiteMsg
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Static method in enum org.argeo.suite.e4.SuiteMsg
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
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