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tips and explanations about pluggins commonly used within argeo projects


Maven 2 plugin based on BND tool from Peter Kriens. It basically generates manifests for the current artifact.

Notes :

  • "test" scoped dependencies are not included in the classpath seen by BND.
  • Import-Package part of the manifest is generated by the plugin based on the java content of the bundle
    • we don't need to explicitly specify imported package with <Import-Package> tag
    • yet it is possible if needed, for instance when some classes are namely called from spring xml files, the BND plugin sometimes miss them and corresponding packages must be set here explicitly to avoid NoClassDefFound errors at runtime.

At development time, import package must be manually added to the manifest which is then overridden.

More info on Apache Felix page.


By default the packaging is jar.

A description of maven scopes :

Maven Book

SCP issues


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